Cyclone Dining Table

Cyclone Dining Table

Isamu Noguchi
Price: $1,377 

Isamu Noguchi’s playful tables were manufactured in 1954 in varying sizes, and later evolved into a table that became a companion piece to the Bertoia wire chair.  The table featured here is the only authorized, current production example of Noguchi’s evocative design.  A signature plate under the table top with the Knoll Studio logo and Isamu Noguchi’s signature confirm that the piece was constructed to the exacting standards set forth by the designer.

Picked up my visa in Urumqi (yes you can get it there) but it has been a bit quite since leaving. Although being in Xingjiang province can be confusing as in effect there are two time zones. Officially the Whole of China runs on Beijing time, but because of the distance Xingjiang is from the capital technically it is two hours ahead of Bejing. So you have ‘official’ time and ‘Xingjiang’ time and get it wrong and I am either two hours early or late; have to keep checking which time is being used.

Went to the fort at Jiayuguan which was very nice. At one stage this was the western extreme of China and the last stop before the land of barbarians. Had this idea of taking some photos of the nearby Great Wall at sunset, which after climbing to the top didn’t quite work out, so I left. Problem was the gates had been locked and I was still inside! After trying to get someones attention to open the gates for about 5 mins. _ got quite vocal towards the end – gave up and had to climb the gate. About 10 -12 feet tall which wasn’t too bad, just a little careful getting over the top! Another problem with sunsets is that not long after them it gets dark, oddly, and I was 10 miles from town, and so started to walk back. As my left kneecap is a little sore at the mo got a bit weary after an hour of walking, but as I flagged down a minibus to double check I was on the right road to town said he was collecting some people for the night shift in a hotel in Jiayuguan. So jumped aboard and got a lift back.

Got the bus to Khotan, which meant crossing the Taklamakhan Desert, which was done at night. So far I have avoided using public toilets but now I have run out of choices, stand back I was going in!! The first one was at a local bus station about 2 hours from Urumqi. Modern by Chinese standards, but quite bad. It was a tiled room with a raised square area for wee wee’s with just a hole in it. For bowl movements it was an open channel that you just squatted over. But worse was to come. We stopped for lunch at a roadside cafe, just off the main road. The toilets were at the end of a dusty path and up a few well trodden steps. It was cordaned off by a loose wicker fence, with a small internal fence for No. 1’s, for No. 2’s you had to in effect squat over a pooh hill, whilst carefully balancing on the 3 – 4 branches either side that are your footrests. With about 5 of these in a row, it is a very communal activity!! Just hope you have got a dodgy stomach, not the sort of place to hang around to long.

Measurements: W 36″ X H 28″

Materials: Black or white laminate top, chrome plated steel wire columns, cast iron base

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