Free Form Sofa and Ottoman

Free Form Sofa and Ottoman

Isamu Noguchi
Sofa Price:  $7,950
Ottoman Price:  $2,050

Isamu Noguchi’s sculptural style had a profound impact on the design language of the 1950’s. He passionately synthesized the opposing elements of Eastern and Western design philosophies to create objects of timeless aesthetic beauty.

Noguchi’s Free Form Sofa was a complete departure from other designs of the late 1940’s. Its wonderfully fluid form reflects Noguchi’s ability to transform natural, organic shapes into highly functional modern design.

The Vitra Design Museum, authorized by the Noguchi foundation, is once again offering the sofa and ottoman in their original form. The pieces are impeccably made in Germany with solid wood frames, maple feet and 100% wool upholstery.

But reached Urumqi eventually. Just a big city really but it is the furthest city in the world from the sea, 2250km. Went to the museum to see the mummies which was dead cool, could’ve done with a little balm and rouge on their lips as looked a tad dry. I came all this way to see these as they have destroyed the myth that China developed in isolation from the rest of the world, but as the mummies are of Indo-European race that can no longer be the case. Spent a couple of hours wandering the museum, and no I am not boring!! Put my passport in for the Kyrgyz visa so had a few days to kill and what better place than Turpan, which, as it is in the Tarim Basin and the lowest dry spot on earth is relatively warm at 13 degrees. Done the usual site, one of which is the Jiaoche Ruins a deserted town on the edge of the desert. Abandoned 500 years ago and all the buildings slowly being eroded away, but was still impressive to walk around. As it is out of season I was the only one there, which was nice. On the way out stopped at a souvenir shop for a browse. In amongst the statues, jade jewellery and brass stuff was a collection of old books, As books are lovely went to have a look but not very impressed, but a new book took my eye but couldn’t read what it was about so flipped though and would you believe it a colour picture book of naked Chinese ladies!! Heaven’s above, I thought, and after noticing that there was a picture on every page and after 2 – 3 minuets I put the book down at a rapid rate of knots and gave a couple of dry coughs and departed, dignity intact. But the best thing about Turpan is I found a real Snickers bar!! So I bought two and savoured every second whilst devoured them, heaven.

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(Sofa) W 120″ X H 28″ X D 44″
(Ottoman) W 47″ X H 27 1/2″ X D 15″

Materials: Solid beech wood frames, maple feet, 100% wool upholstery

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